Do medication related problems affect the Quality of Life for your residents?

Australian research (Journal of Pharmacy, 2014) suggests that your patients are very likely to suffer from medication misadventure, simply DUE to the nature of multiple drug therapy with chronic disease. Specifically;

  • 95% of residents take 5 or more medicines
  • On average, each resident takes 7-10 different medicines
  • And 25% of residents take 10 or more medicine each day.

Furthermore, Case Notes (Medication safety in Australia, 2013) from Medication Reviews in Residential Aged Care Facilities indicate that there may exist a high incidence of medication related problems with some of your residents. Specifically;

  • Almost half (40-50%) of residents in aged care facilities are taking potentially inappropriate medicines according the Beers or McLeod’s criteria.
  • Recent studies in NSW show that 96% of residents had at least one medication related problem (MRPs), and 3 MRPs on average.
  • Antidepressants, antipsychotics, hypnotics and sedatives, loop diuretics, and drugs acting on the renin angiotensin system were the most commonly identified drugs causing adverse drug interactions in residents.
“Looking after the elderly is a duty and responsibility that involves every person in society.” Emmanuel Pippos, Consultant Pharmacist



How can Check My Medicines help your residents?

There is strong evidence that collaborative medicine reviews (RMMRs) promote better medication management for your residents. In turn, not only may medicine reviews (RMMRs) improve the quality of life for your residents, but it also enhances the standard of health and personal care that your Aged Care Facility offers to the general community.

Furthermore, as the primary carer for your residents, your nursing staff are in the best position to help your residents. They care for your residents, make them comfortable, and look out for any health problems with your patients, every single day.

More importantly, your nursing staff may submit a request for a medicines review (RMMRs) to the resident’s doctor – especially if they are worried about any medicine related problems or they think this service may help your residents.

Once the RMMR referral is sent to your resident’s doctor, the Aged Care Facility and Check My Medicines takes care of everything else.

Please note: The provision of the RMMR by Check My Medicines to residents of the Aged Care Facility may be subject to existing agreements between the Aged Care Facility and RMMR service provider.

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