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  • COVID-19 Vaccine – what are the side effects?

    By now, all of us know that vaccination for COVID-19 is not too far away but should we be worried about the side effects? Well, we know that all drugs have side effects and whilst we prefer medicines that cause the least problems for the patient - this may not always be possible. Importantly, it is easy to forget about the benefits of drug therapy (immunity to COVID-19 with the vaccine) by concentrating too much on its possible adverse effects. Read More >
  • Treating early symptoms of the virus?

    All of us know what it is like to get sick with a “Cold or Flu” – we feel awful and usually get some of these signs or symptoms; Read More >
  • Memory loss from too many medicines.

    Even though we may need more medicines as we get older, sometimes too many medicines (or too much medicine) at home can cause other problems. Read More >
  • A curious case of Vertigo?

    We know that medicines can cause side effects but sometimes we forget about the things we do every day that can make these side effects much worse. Read More >
  • Dear Doctor……

    When is it the right time to start De-Prescribing for your patients? There is no doubt that as people get older, they get more health problems. Read More >
  • Too many Medicines may just not be good for you.

    Even though modern medicines help us cope better with chronic disease and other health problems, too many medicines can create other problems for our health. Read More >
  • Generic Medicines and the elderly patient – an accident just waiting to happen.

    Even though generic medicines save money for many patients (and governments!), taking generic medicines with assorted colours, shapes and different sounding names can often confuse patients and lead to accidental overdose. Read More >
  • An Aspirin a day keeps the doctor away – well, maybe?

    Aspirin or Acetylsalicylic Acid (ASA) is probably one of the few drugs that has stood the test of time with over 100 billion tablets (or 35,000 tonnes) being dispensed every year, worldwide. Read More >
  • Weight loss is not all its cracked up to be.

    Want to lose those extra kilos or pounds? Well think again. Whilst being overweight in the past is more likely to cause health problems in the future, carrying a little bit of “reserve nutrition” as you get older is probably better for you. All health experts talk about your BMI or Body Mass index – it basically measures your body fat but sometimes it is not that accurate. Read More >
  • The Weekly Pill Box – Does it help?

    Even though pill boxes and organisers can make life easier for us, these don't always work for everyone. One thing is for sure though – if you take a lot of medicines and get confused by different generic brands then the weekly pill box may just be the “greatest thing since sliced bread” Read More >

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