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  • Weight loss is not all its cracked up to be.

    Want to lose those extra kilos or pounds? Well think again. Whilst being overweight in the past is more likely to cause health problems in the future, carrying a little bit of “reserve nutrition” as you get older is probably better for you. All health experts talk about your BMI or Body Mass index – it basically measures your body fat but sometimes it is not that accurate. Read More >
  • The Weekly Pill Box – Does it help?

    Even though pill boxes and organisers can make life easier for us, these don't always work for everyone. One thing is for sure though – if you take a lot of medicines and get confused by different generic brands then the weekly pill box may just be the “greatest thing since sliced bread” Read More >
  • I usually take all my medicines with Breakfast – Is that okay?

    Many patients ask this question during a home medicines review – and it is surprising how food can change the way a drug works in the body.   Food affects the way that medicines work in the body by changing; Read More >
  • Can I drink alcohol with my medicines this Christmas?

    Whilst many of us like a drink at Christmas time (and in fact, almost at any time!), some drugs just don’t mix very well with alcohol.... and unfortunately, it seems that Australians are not getting the message. Read More >
  • Can’t sleep? Feeling down? Always in pain? Read on – you may have PIDs.

    Can’t sleep? Feeling down? Always in pain? You may have PIDs!  PIDs – also known as Pain-Insomnia-Depression Syndrome is not something new. It is just another way that shows how pain, insomnia, and depression can happen together sometimes, especially in people with long term pain. Read More >
  • Am I addicted to codeine painkillers?

    Codeine is a weak “opioid” painkiller, is used for mild or moderate pain relief, and taking less than 30mg doesn't really do very much. This means that painkiller tablets with paracetamol (or ibuprofen) and codeine, most probably give you more pain relief from the paracetamol or ibuprofen - rather than the 16 to 20mg of codeine in the tablet. Read More >
  • Pain Killers – It’s about know how!

    It doesn't matter if pain is dull, sharp or mild - it always begins in the brain. Even if muscles, ligaments and tendons are damaged , we must keep moving these tissues, little by little, so that healing happens quicker. “Sliding and gliding” of joints helps people with arthritis because muscles get stronger and improve flexibility. Read More >

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