What Is A HMR?

“We visit you or the person you love – who needs help – at their home or where they live.”, Emmanuel Pippos, Consultant Pharmacist

A Home Medicines Review (HMR) is about you, your doctor and our consultant pharmacist. Sometimes we may speak with other people such as your carer or nursing staff, your specialist, and your community pharmacy – “Check My Medicines” puts all of the pieces of information together to make your medicines work right for you.

A Home Medicines Review (HMR) is bulk billed by Medicare and there are no out of pocket expenses – it’s free to you. There is only a privacy form for you to sign at the interview – this allows you, your doctor and our consultant pharmacist to share the information needed to complete the Home Medicines Review.

A Home Medicines Review (HMR) is provided by our consultant pharmacist – and we come to you. We know it is for some people to get around, especially older people living in residential care or respite care. This is why the government pays for our consultant pharmacist to visit you in the comfort of your own home – to help you understand your medicines better. The Home Medicines Review program works really well because it is about you, your medicines and your health.

How A HMR Works

A Home Medicines Review starts with a simple request to your doctor. Almost anyone can ask for the Home Medicines Review from your doctor but it is usually your carer (or family member), your community pharmacist, or community nurse (nursing staff) that knows you very well.

More importantly, you, the patient may ask your doctor for a Home Medicines Review – especially if you are worried about your medicines or you think this service may help you.

If you and your doctor agree to the Home Medicines Review, your doctor will contact our consultant pharmacist who then arranges a time for the home visit. Once the Home Medicines review is finished, our consultant pharmacist prepares a report for your doctor, and together, we may discuss ways that your medicines may be of more benefit to you. At your next doctor’s visit, your doctor may then talk to you about changes to your medicines which may help you feel better.

It’s that simple – you and your doctor start the Home Medicines Review, your doctor and our consultant pharmacist takes care of everything else.

“The Home Medicines Review is not just about the medicines, it’s mainly about the patient.” Emmanuel Pippos, Consultant Pharmacist.

Fill In Your HMR

Do you need a home medicines review? It’s very simple! Follow the steps below and get started on your HMR today!


1. Download and fill in the form on your computer via Adobe Acrobat

2. Tick the boxes that you think relate to your patient and save the file on your computer

3. Please email and attach the PDF file to admin@checkmymedicine.com.au

For any enquiries or questions, please contact us on
1300 004 HMR (467) or hmr@checkmymedicines.com.au


Download Form



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