“The best medicine of all is teaching people the right way to use their medicine.”
Emmanuel Pippos, Consultant Pharmacist.

Even though you may have long term health problems, when you understand your medicines better, you will feel better, and know how to look after yourself much better. This is what a Home Medicines review can do for you. Our consultant pharmacist will help you:


  • Know more about your medicines.
  • Understand why you are taking each medicine.
  • Use your medicines better.
  • Recognize any unusual side-effects.


We also know that everyone likes to be Dr. Google every now and then. We buy things online because it is so easy, and because it seemed right at the time. We listen to what our friends and family say because it worked for them. We try herbs, vitamins, and minerals because they tell us these are all “natural and safe”. And yet, sometimes this can do us more harm than good.


Our consultant pharmacist will also help you:

  • Spot the danger of mixing too many herbs and vitamins with your medicines.
  • Find out which vitamins, herbs and minerals may help you.
  • Think about other ways to improve your health with your medicines.


“We will help you manage the day to day decisions about your health so that you feel better.” Emmanuel Pippos, Consultant Pharmacist

Do you need a home medicines review? It’s very simple!

Remember - The Home Medicine Review is bulk billed through Medicare - it’s free to you.


1. Download and print the form.
2. Tick the boxes that you think may affect you.
3. Then make an appointment with your doctor.


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