“We all share a huge responsibility whenever a medicine is prescribed, dispensed and given to a patient.” Emmanuel Pippos, Consultant Pharmacist

Our Name: Check My Medicines – helping you to understand and use your medicines better.

Even though your doctor may write many prescriptions for you, it is the pharmacist who takes the responsibility for giving you medicines – and making sure you know how to take them. It is very important to make sure that your medicines, vitamins, minerals, and herbs are safe when taken together, and do not cause you any bad side effects.

As an expert in the way drugs work in the body, our consultant pharmacist has the knowledge and experience to help people use their medicines better.



Our Services:

Check My Medicines lets you, the patient know about the Home Medicines Review program – a free health service which is bulk-billed through Medicare.

  1. It’s easy to fill in the Home Medicines Review form
  2. You (or your carer) then contacts the doctor to arrange for the home medicine review.
  3. Our consultant pharmacist then visits you to help with your medicines.

Importantly, Check My Medicines helps your doctor, your carer, and our consultant pharmacist work together more closely to provide you a better health service. The Check My Medicines website was developed to make it easier for everyone to access the Home Medicines Review program on the internet.

Our Pharmacist:


Emmanuel Pippos

Emmanuel is a consultant pharmacist accredited by the Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy to conduct Medication Reviews. As founder of Check My Medicines, he has a vision to improve people’s understanding and use of medicines.

“You don’t always solve a health problem with another medicine. Sometimes, it’s what people expect from medicines that is the problem.” Emmanuel Pippos, Consultant Pharmacist.

As a consultant pharmacist Emmanuel would like to remind people that it’s important to note that sometimes people may need:

  • Less medicines
  • Better medicines
  • Advice on what to eat and what not to eat
  • Other ways to manage their health

Emmanuel has many years of community pharmacy experience, and specialist knowledge in many areas of health science including:

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy at the University of Queensland
  • Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Pharmacy
  • Post Graduate studies in Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs
  • Smoking Cessation Professionals (AASCP)
  • Accredited for Medication reviews (AACP)
  • St Johns Certificate in First Aid – CPR, Emergency life Support, Anaphylaxis, Managing Asthma

Do you need a home medicines review? It’s very simple!

Remember - The Home Medicine Review is bulk billed through Medicare - it’s free to you.


1. Download and print the form.
2. Tick the boxes that you think may affect you.
3. Then make an appointment with your doctor.


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