Medication Reviews – improving the way you practice pharmacy.

Emmanuel Pippos, the founder of Check My Medicines, believes that community pharmacy provides a strong practice base where the individual pharmacist can develop and promote their clinical skills. After all, community pharmacists provide quality advice to many patients for a diverse range of health problems every day – especially with regard to the many prescription medicines, OTC products and complementary medicines that patients take regularly.

By becoming accredited with the Australian Association of Consultant pharmacy to conduct Medication Reviews, it is possible to expand and develop your scope of practice in community pharmacy. More importantly, the advanced learning that you achieve as accredited pharmacist provides a great opportunity to give your patients concise and quality advice in a community setting which usually places great demand on the individual pharmacist at any given time.

“You need about 60 minutes to do the best Home Medicines Review possible, because it takes that long for the patient to get to know you, and for you to really get to know the patient.”  Emmanuel Pippos, Consultant Pharmacist

Check My Medicines- letting others know about your special skills.

“Check My Medicines” was created to provide patients, doctors, and pharmacists with better access to the Home Medicines Review Program. Importantly, this website is designed to help accredited pharmacists and general practitioners work together better to improve the quality use of medicines for the patient.

The Home Medicines Review is the best way for this to happen because;

  • It involves the patient in the comfort of their own home
  • There is more time available for the patient to talk about and understand their medicines.
  • It includes prescription drugs, as well as over the counter medicines and complementary medicines – this is something that is not readily available to doctors (or pharmacists) in the general practice clinic, or pharmacists in the community pharmacy.

“Check My Medicines” is also a website for accredited pharmacists to become more actively involved in Home Medicines Reviews. As creator of the Check My Medicines concept, Emmanuel Pippos is always happy to meet with other accredited pharmacists to;

  • Develop and promote Medication Reviews and the Quality Use of Medicines
  • Improve the delivery of Home Medicine Reviews to the Australian community
  • Facilitate and expand the access of consultant pharmacist services through the HMR program – to become a Home Medicines Review service provider with Check My Medicines, contact Emmanuel Pippos here

Check My Medicines & Community Pharmacy – Continuity of Care.

At Check My Medicines, we understand the importance of Medication Adherence for your patient. Consequently, we are mindful of the need to collaborate with the patient’s preferred community pharmacy, during the entire HMR process.

Our consultant pharmacist can assist your patients with their medicines by;

Once the Home Medicines Review is finished, Check My Medicines will forward a copy of the completed review to both the patient’s doctor, and the patient’s preferred pharmacy. In this way, your patients know that their doctor and their pharmacy are always looking after their health care needs.

“The Home Medicines Review and your pharmacy – It’s all about the continuity of care for your patient” Emmanuel Pippos, Consultant Pharmacist.

Do you need a Home Medicines Review (or RMMR) started for one of your patients? Then contact Check My Medicines here, and we will arrange for a consultant pharmacist to visit your patient as soon as possible.

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